The DarkZone

The area for several blocks around the Old Detroit footings of the Damian Knight Memorial Bridge are a dangerous place for anything connected to the matrix that is not well shielded. This includes an area extending over 200 meters into the Detroit River, causing a severe hazard to navigation.

Any items of gear with wireless access is constantly bombarded by rogue code, energy spikes and other phenomena, that contribute to the device taking 4 matrix damage for every 10 minutes within the zone, resisted as normal. From the matrix, the area appears as a continuous lightning storm, no matter what visual filters are applied.

Due to this detrimental effect on technology, the DarkZone has become a relative ghost town within the city. Those that lived in the area have mostly left, and businesses that operated in the area have mostly packed up and moved elsewhere. People and creatures that do not rely on modern technology have begun to move in to the area, and rumors have begun to circulate amongst those that are matrix savvy (and conspiracy theorists) that a group of technomancers have taken up residence in the zone.

The Millennium Bridge has been closed until further notice, creating significant disruptions in traffic between Old Detroit and Windsor. Ares Heavy Construction has announced that construction on the new Damien Knight Memorial Bridge has been pushed up, and crews will be working around the clock to get the construction completed ahead of schedule.

Finally, Ares (including Knight Errant), DocWagon and most other corporate entities have declared the DarkZone as a Forbidden Territory; all corporate citizens forgo all their rights while within the DarkZone; meaning that neither Knight Errant nor DocWagon (or similar services) will enter the area.

Technomancers and the DarkZone.
The effect of the DarkZone on technomancers is the opposite as to regular electronics, as what is bleeding through is raw resonance energy. While in the DarkZone, technomancers can attune themselves to this energy with a simple Resonance + Willpower [ 3 ] test that takes 10 minutes. If successful, the technomancer will have their effective resonance attribute raised by 1 while they remain in the DarkZone. Leaving the zone for an hour or more will require the technomancer to re-attune themselves upon re-entry.

Effects on the Matrix in Detroit.
The DarkZone has had a lasting effect on the rest of the Matrix in Detroit; periods of increased background noise are quite common, and periods of true matrix instability are now unknown.

The DarkZone Population ~1% of Detroit Total
Official: 50,000 SINless: 10,000
Human: 30,000 4,000
Ork: 5,000 1,000
Elf: 5,000 1,000
Dwarf: 5,000 1,000
Troll: 3,000 1,000
Other: 2,000 1,000

The DarkZone connects directly to:
Old Detroit

Minimum Neighborhood Rating: Street (0)
Maximum Neighborhood Rating: Low (2)

Ward Benefit:

The DarkZone

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