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Wolfe_mini.jpgThe Detroit Incident
Posted by: T. Wolfe

On the night of August 19, 2099 an event occurred in Old Detroit that is still not completely understood, but has had a significant effect on life in the city in the weeks since.

What is known is the following:

At around midnight of the night in question, a firefight began between unknown parties under the Old Detroit end of the Millennium Bridge. Both Knight Errant officers as well as the Grid Oversight Division responded to the incident, as illegal matrix activity had been detected, in addition to the gun battle.

What happened next is speculation, as all those involved directly perished, and most computer records were corrupted or destroyed:

While the Knight Errant officers attempted to pacify the figures on the ground, the G.O.D. agents encountered some form of powerful matrix persona, and engaged the illegal being in an online battle. What exactly this being was is unclear, though whispers of ‘Otaku’ and ‘Technomancer’ abound on what is left of the Detroit Matrix.
Whatever the creature/being was, the battle between it and the G.O.D. agents somehow bled through into the real world, which in turn led to what has been called a ‘mini-crash’.

While not as catastrophic as the two world-wide matrix crashes of the past century, it has had a significant effect on the Matrix in Detroit. The area for several blocks around the center of the incident remains an extremely dangerous place for modern electronics: unless extremely hardened or completely turned off, any modern electronics that spend any time in the area quickly overload and crash, their internal circuits fried and fused.

The phenomenon does not seem to be completely isolated to what has become known as “The DarkZone” however. Reports of unusual activity, from unexpected computer crashes to unusual beings seen in VR are coming in from all across the city. In addition, many are reporting significant amounts of background matrix noise, slowing Matrix traffic.

Spokespeople for Ares Macrotechnology are blaming the current difficulties on “NeoNET’s failure to properly provide a solid matrix infrastructure for the good citizens of Detroit.” And claim that “Ares’s new ‘Hermes 2.0’ servers will be more stable, more secure, faster and easier for the average citizen to ‘Get More out of the Matrix’. “

NeoNET has not responded to Ares claims as of yet.

Savage_mini.jpgThe DarkZone
Posted by: Doc Savage

The area for several blocks around the Old Detroit footings of the Damian Knight Memorial Bridge are a dangerous place for anything connected to the matrix that is not well shielded. This includes an area extending over 200 meters into the Detroit River, causing a severe hazard to navigation.

Any items of gear with wireless access is constantly bombarded by rogue code, energy spikes and other phenomena, that contribute to the device taking 4 matrix damage for every 10 minutes within the zone, resisted as normal. From the matrix, the area appears as a continuous lightning storm, no matter what visual filters are applied.

Due to this detrimental effect on technology, the DarkZone has become a relative ghost town within the city. Those that lived in the area have mostly left, and businesses that operated in the area have mostly packed up and moved elsewhere. People and creatures that do not rely on modern technology have begun to move in to the area, and rumours have begun to circulate amongst those that are matrix savvy (and conspiracy theorists) that a group of technomancers have taken up residence in the zone.

The Millennium Bridge has been closed until further notice, creating significant disruptions in traffic between Old Detroit and Windsor. Ares Heavy Construction has announced that construction on the new Damien Knight Memorial Bridge has been pushed up, and crews will be working around the clock to get the construction completed ahead of schedule.

Finally, Ares (including Knight Errant), DocWagon and most other corporate entities have declared the DarkZone as a Forbidden Territory; all corporate citizens forgo all their rights while within the DarkZone; meaning that neither Knight Errant nor DocWagon (or similar services) will enter the area.

wraith_mini.jpgTechnomancers and the DarkZone.
Posted by: Spectre

The effect of the DarkZone on technomancers is the opposite as to regular electronics, as what is bleeding through is raw resonance energy. While in the DarkZone, technomancers can attune themselves to this energy with a simple Resonance + Willpower 3 test that takes 10 minutes. If successful, the technomancer will have their effective resonance attribute raised by 1 while they remain in the DarkZone. Leaving the zone for an hour or more will require the technomancer to re-attune themselves upon re-entry.

The DarkZone has had a lasting effect on the rest of the Matrix in Detroit; periods of increased background noise are quite common, and periods of true matrix instability are now unknown.

red_mini.jpgThe Bridge
Posted by: Red

The DarkZone sure is making getting back and forth to Windsor a pain; the damn checkpoints at either end back up the traffic for blocks. And the damn PeopleMover doesn’t even run on the bridge anymore!

Thankfully, construction of the new Millennium Bridge has finally started.

Wolfe_mini.jpgWardSec’s Worries
Posted by: T. Wolfe

Though the official word is that everything is functioning as normal, with the Detroit Incident, and the creation of the DarkZone, Wardsec has been under constant harassment by hackers and others, leading to several incidents with their systems.

Rumours persist of the scanners triggering false readings, going completely offline in areas for short periods of time and other problems. In addition, there have been several incidents of violence directed against Wardsec personnel, though no-one has been killed as of yet.

In addition to these system malfunctions, there have been small protests that have erupted around town (mostly in UCAS dominated wards), aimed at Wardsec, and claiming that the offshoot of Knight Errant is turning Detroit into a labour camp. Many report seeing the slogan ‘Remember the Berlin Wall’ at many of the protests.

ananda_mini.jpgAnother Protest
Posted by: Ananda

I’ve heard that there is going to be another anti-WardSec protest next Wednesday. This one will be bigger than any other so far!

Remember the Berlin Wall!

Wolfe_mini.jpgOn the Slime Trail…
Posted by: T. Wolfe

Remember people: update your spam filters on your comms! The election campaigns are getting under way… you don’t want to be bombarded by robocalls from the damn politicians.

Last election I did an experiment: bought an Ares GoPhone comm and left the spam filters open for a week during the campaign. Result: the damn memory overloaded from just the spam!

karen_mini.jpgSpam-free Campaign
Posted by: K. Kruszewski

Yes, the past campaigns have been prime examples of overuse of electronic mailing campaigns.

I promise, that as part of my campaign, I will not be using these offensive tactics.

*This has been an official post by The Committee to Re-elect Karen Kruszewski 2100.

wraith_mini.jpgIronic Campaign Promises…
Posted by: Specter

I’ve seen that same message on several boards. Someone needs to teach her the definition of irony…

Wolfe_mini.jpgAssassin Drones!
Posted by: T. Wolfe

As everyone has probably heard, Greg Hearns, the late Ward Manager for Dearborn was killed by a Knight Errant Valiant Mk V patrol drone. (Bootleg footage of the incident can be seen here).
Knight Errant, and parent company Ares Macrotechnology have both refused to comment on the situation, claiming that ‘the investigation is ongoing’. Protests against Knight Errant and Ares have taken place in both his ward and Old Detroit.

No-one has claimed responsibility in the brazen attack, and the rumor is that the attack was caused by a faulty drone, and not outside hacking. Many experts, likely backed by Ares competitors, are claiming Ares drones have ‘severe glitches in their core programming’.

Sales of Ares drones have dropped 5% since the incident.

Posted by: Specter

That was awesome! I have set footage of that incident as my screensaver!

ananda_mini.jpgSick Bastard!
Posted by: Ananda

You are a sick bastard Wraith! That was a human being!

wraith_mini.jpgRE: Sick Bastard!
Posted by: Specter

He was a politician. He doesn’t qualify as a human…

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