Hino Bento

Connection Rating 4; Old Detroit


An older and tradition-loving member of the Yakuza, Hino has mostly retired from active participation in Yakuza business, and mostly serves as a front man and fixer for the organization, holding many meeting from his restaurant, The Jade Palace.

  • Hino Bento loves the traditional values of the Yakuza and that includes taking care of family.
  • Hino has always been fascinated by biology and physiology. Although his life in the Yakuza never let him have much time to practice, Hino is a fully trained trauma surgeon. His skills might be a tad rusty but he has more than enough money to have state of the art equipment in a secret facility under the Jade Palace.
  • Hired the runners to surveil a meeting between representatives of two gangs (Youngbloods and Devil’s Marauders) at an abandoned gas station in Sterling Heights.
  • Reacted negatively to the mention of ‘The Monkey’ by the runners in relation to the surveilance of the gang meeting.
  • Bought the unwanted gear recoverd fromt eh runners at the gas station.
  • Brought the runners an offer for another job; to ambush the same gangs at a follow-up meeting at ‘The Old Parkade’.

Hino Bento

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