The Tye Dojo


Located in the southeast of the Waterford Ward, this modified warehouse is one of the most respected schools of martial arts in the western UCAS.

Though it primarily teaches Japanese martial art styles, classes are also offered in many Chinese and Korean martial arts, as well as specialist classes on meditation and philosophy.

The dojo itself has been done over in a very traditional style, with real hardwood floors, banzai trees and traditional wall scrolls, though it does boast electronics throughout, which are used in the instruction, such as full holographic cameras that record students movements so that instructors can show them exactly what they look like.

The school is owned and run by Robert Tye, a 3-times Olympic gold medalist in Judo and 2-time silver medalist in Karate. He has a staff of about a dozen other full and part-time instructors at the school, including Kazuo Terata, a Shinobi Initiate, and classes in the various martial arts are held multiple times per week, except on Sundays when the school is closed.

Course Cost (per Session) Schedule Effect
Introduction 50¥ 2/week (90 minute class) Rating 2 Instructor
Intermediate 100¥ 3/week (60 minute class) Rating 4 Instructor
Advanced 200¥ 3/week (60 minute class) Rating 5 Instructor
Expert 250¥ Private instruction (3 sessions) Rating 6 Instructor
Master 500¥ Private instruction (3 sessions) Rating 7 Instructor
Grandmaster 1,500¥ Private instruction (3 sessions) Rating 9 Instructor

The Tye Dojo

Detroit 2099 Severinna