The Ronin


The Ronin are a fairly small and new gang in Detroit. Its origins date back less than 2 years, when the original three members (Jon Marubeni, Wesley Ito and David Yamahita) formed the gang as a team for the monthly races at the Motown Raceway.

At first, they had no association with the Yakuza and concentrated solely on racing. Unfortunately, with the death of David Yamahita in one of the races almost a year-and-a-half ago, the remaining two were not able to place high enough in the races to make continuing worthwhile.

Around the same time, they began to feel some pressure from some of the small gangs in the city, and they realized that they needed to expand. At this point, Jon Marubeni made the deal with his uncle that is still the driving force behind the gang: the Ronin would act as a front for Yakuza activities in exchange for their support against the other gangs. At this time, Jon and Wesley began recruiting other members, bringing the gang up to a dozen members, and began undertaking more questionable activities.

This deal has become even more important to both parties since the setbacks the Yakuza experienced six months ago, and the gang has expanded even further, recruiting a quartet of newcomers that are more at ease with running the shadows.

Notable Members:
Leader Jon Marubeni
Lieutenant/Face Wesley Ito
Lucy Wang
Melissa “Red” Fuchima
Yuno “Oni” Yamashita
Otis Young
Hiraku Muramoto
Riku “Kyu” Iota
Anna “Kabuki” Yamitsu
David Takayama
Wei-Chu Marubeni
Willis Marks
6 Ronin Gangers

Areas of Influence:
Old Detroit

Known Fronts:
Marubeni Motorcycle Repair

Criminal Activities:
Street Crime
The Rescue Job: where members of the Ronin rescue the daughter of an associate of Jon Marubeni.
The Secret Lab Job: where members of the Ronin infiltrate a secret weapons development lab to steal a prototype
The Storage Facility Job: where members of the Ronin stage a smash-and-grab at at self-storage facility
The Garage Expansion Job: where Jon Marubeni asks the gang to work on securing the next-door property for the garage to expand.
The Mickey Job: where the gang investigates the weird drugs that were slipped to one of their members
The Substation Job: where the gang members infiltrate a matrix support facility to secure fake SINs
The Chitown Smuggling Job: where members of the Ronin are hired to smuggle some goods to Chicago, and then deal with the fallout
The Rival Yakuza Job: where the Ronin deal with the attacks of rival Yakuza trying to take over the local organization

Of Note:
West-Side Storage

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The Ronin

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