Targets of Opportunity

Shadowrunning in Detroit

1. Old Detroit (Ares):
Old Detroit is heavily patrolled by Knight Errant, making it a difficult area for shadowruns. However, the number of targets such as research facilities, corporate facilities, etc. make it a popular area. Gangs and organized crime are present, but generally keep a low profile.

2. Windsor (UCAS):
The several commercial buildings along the river, as well as the manufacturing sector in the south of the ward are prime targets for runs.

3. The Pointe (Balanced):
The extremely high security and complete lack of commercial or manufacturing targets in this area make it a rarity for a run to occur in this ward. However, the occasional kidnapping attempt has been made against targets in this ward, but most have failed terribly.

4. Sterling Heights (UCAS):
Though there are few targets in this ward, the high crime rate and number of low-income and SINless residents makes this a prime area for runners to live. Gangs and other organized crime are fairly prevalent, and battles between these groups are well known.

5. Pontiac (UCAS):
Similar to Sterling Heights, this area has a higher crime rate and a visible gang presence. Runs in this ward are often politically motivated as opposed to monetarily. The gangs also hire runners for covert action against other gangs.

6. Waterford (UCAS):
GreeneTech is the prime target for runs in this ward. Ares is undertaking a long campaign of corporate warfare and sabotage to bring down their main agri-business competitor, and often hire runners for sabotage and IP theft.

7. Plymouth (Ares):
Plymouth falls into the lower end of the wards for shadowrunning. Many runs here are related to the political battles between the UCAS and Ares factions in the ward, and not directly for profits.

8. Dearborn (Balanced):
Dearborn is the second most common ward for shadowruns. The plethora of targets amongst the research facilities and light manufacturing plants see fairly regular

9. Trenton (Ares):
Trenton is another popular area for runs, primarily involving theft or sabotage of manufacturing plants or dealing with paracritter infestations. Runners are warned to bring respiratory and chemical protection.


1. Mobility:
Moving between wards is controlled, and having a SIN is mandatory. Many smugglers and gangs have tunnels or other methods of moving people to other wards. Make sure you always have some funds ready to buy passage.

Like moving between the wards, getting in and out of the city requires a SIN or the cooperation of a people smuggler. However, a trip to the slums can be profitable as access to the black market is much easier outside the city.

Don’t try using the People Mover for your runs. There are far too many civilians involved, and a SIN is required for access and is tracked constantly while on board.

2. Hostile Environments:
There are several areas within Detroit that are subject to hostile atmosphere or other hazards. The Undertown, while mostly clear of Knight Errant, is run by gangs and other underwoerld organizations, or by other magical creatures, from paracritters to free spirits.

Also, the heavy manufacturing of Trenton spew out fumes and chemicals of all sorts, and the entire area is known for heavy pollution which sometimes spreads to neighbouring wards in time of high winds. In addition, there are many reported incidents of paracritter infestations in the area, from dire rats to ghouls.

3. Law Enforcement:
Being the seat of Ares power, Knight Errant is the de-facto source for law enforcement, though a few smaller independent outfits are in use by many non-Ares-affiliated corporations. With Knight Errant being based in the city, they have a virtually endless pool of reinforcements as they can just pull officers from any of the training facilities or headquarters. The key to survival in Detroit is staying of Knight Errant’s radar.

In addition, the general lack of high-rise buildings throughout much of the city also makes things a little easier for law enforcement; they can use helicopters and aerial drones much more freely than in the usual sky-scraper filled cities.

The ward setup and wall around the city are also more big tools for law enforcement; they can quickly slam closed all the ways in and out of a ward to isolate and prevent the escape of criminals.

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Targets of Opportunity

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