SINs and Licenses

SINs and Legal Licenses
Obtaining a legal license requires a person to have a legal SIN that is in good standing, and recognized by the local authorities. This means that those with a criminal SIN are not eligible for obtaining a legal license for anything (the cost of being a convicted criminal).

In addition, various regional authorities (Cities, Nations and Megacorps) are entitles to accept or reject a license issued by another national authority at their discretion. IE: A UCAS license for a firearm may not be valid in an Ares facility.

A person with a registered legal SIN may obtain a license for a restricted item for 100¥ provided they have sufficient legal reason for the license.

Linking Items to Multiple Licenses
In addition to any electronic security, restricted items are etched with a microscopic registration number that is included in the license registration. Anything more than the most cursory security check of the license will turn up the duplicate registration of the same registration number on multiple licenses.

Weapons and Armour in Detroit
Detroit has relatively strict laws regarding the possession of firearms, and citizens are able to obtain a legal license for any weapons with a Restricted rating and an availability of 6 or less without having to demonstrate a legal necessity for the item in question.

Multiple Licenses for the Same Item
Items requiring licenses (Restricted) are etched with serial numbers that are incorporated into the corresponding license. In anything more than the most cursory license check, the registration number of the item will be checked, and will turn up any/all the linked licenses.

In game terms, anything above a R1 security check (essentially a purely visual check of the license) is likely to turn up the multiple licenses, likely burning any fakes and creating more problems for the bearer, the least of which is the revocation of the licenses.

Spoof Chip and Morphing License Plates
Used in combination, these allow for a vehicle to store a library of different vehicle registrations and license plates in its memory, and alter them upon command. A combination of electrically activated smart materials and photovoltaic paint allow these plates to assume any combination of colours and forms. See Morphing License Plates in the Motorcycle page.

While Spoof Chips and Morphing Licenses exist for things such as vehicles, the technology is not sufficient to create convincing morphing at the small scale necessary for use on items such as weapons, armour, etc. Even the current generation of morphing license plates for cars are detectable by eye at close range.

Everyday SINs
In general, SIN checks for doing day-to-day things like getting groceries, etc will be limited to Rating 1 – 2 checks (effectively ‘Does he/she have a SIN?’).

A R2 device is considered the ‘average’, but being gang/street/poor people in the areas where you will be spending their majority of your time may have trouble with R2 equipment…

However getting arrested, trying to pass through a higher security checkpoint will likely trigger higher rating checks, but these will often be against licenses.

Also see Moving Around in Detroit

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SINs and Licenses

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