Side Treks and Distractions

Having a network of contacts is useful for a shadowrunner; they provide information, gear and sometimes a good place to hide, However, sometimes a contact has something that they need from you; small errands, tasks or favors to ask of the runner. These are far less complicated or involved than a run, but still rely on the expertise of the runner, some of their time, and sometimes some resources.

Each week, the character must select one of their contacts, and roll a connection check for that contact:

  • Rolling over the contact’s connection rating means the contact does not bother the runner.
  • Rolling under the contact’s connection rating indicates that the contact has some small favor or service to ask of the runner.

Once a contact has asked a favor, the runner must select a different contact the following week. Once all the runner’s contacts have asked a favor, the process re-starts.

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Side Treks and Distractions

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