Politics and Government

As part of the UCAS, the city of Detroit is nominally governed by an elected mayor and city council. However, being the seat of Ares power in the UCAS, much of the city (in addition to the megacorp’s extraterritorial areas) is under de-facto Ares control.

The city is divided into a total of nine wards, each supervised by an elected ward manager, and each having a seat on the city’s council, which is headed by an elected mayor.

In principle, the mayoral seat is open to popular city-wide election of any candidate that can meet the nomination requirements and puts themselves forward. The same holds for the ward managers, though the elections are ward-wide instead of city-wide.

In practice, the power and influence of Ares is the major factor determining the election of the managers in many wards, and the city has descended into a constant political struggle between the Ares-backed ward managers and the UCAS ward managers.

The elections are for set 5-year terms, with elections on set dates. The next scheduled election is set for January 15, 2100. The politicians are already starting their campaigns.

As in previous years, the up-coming election is shaping up to be the same sort of political battle; Ares in opposition to a divided combination of Technocrat and New Liberal candidates. Those supporting a corporate-run right-wing, conservative direction support Ares, while the more liberal voters are divided between the Technocrats and the New Liberals, with the Technocrats taking the more mid-line voters, and the New Liberals taking the farther-left voters.

The Ares-backed ‘Independents’ include:

Apart from the Ares-backed candidates (who run as ‘independents’) there are a number of political parties active in Detroit. The main two parties are the ‘Technocrat’ party (heavily connected to the federal party of the same name) and the ‘New Liberals’. Both parties run candidates in each of the wards, as well as for mayor.

The Detroit Technocrat party is one of many branches of the national party that can be found in most of the major cities of the UCAS. And, as with all of the other branches, follows the same general policies as the federal party. This makes it the best organized and farthest-reaching political party operating in the UCAS.

Important figures from the Technocrat Party in Detroit include:

  • Edwin Frost (Ward Manager, Windsor); the official head of the Technocrat party in Detroit, and a possible future candidate for state or national politics
  • Lisa Marsden (Ward Manager, Waterford)
  • Greg Hearns (Ward Manager, Dearborn)

The New Liberal party is a left-wing political movement with its origins in Detroit. Formed just over 10 years ago by an alliance of smaller parties and independent candidates, it has spread significantly in the past years, and now branches can be found in many UCAS cities. While widespread, it is often hampered by internal bickering, as its membership includes many competing ideologies and many within the party heartily resist a more controlled focus.

Important members of the New Liberals include:

  • Yolanda Kellerman (Ward Manager, Sterling Heights); a rising star in the New Liberals, she is considered by many to be future leader of the party.
  • John Kellogg (Ward Manager, Pontiac); a former independent, he has been recruited into the New Liberals by Yolanda Kellerman, doubling the Libs ‘ seats on the city council.

In addition to these two main parties, and the Ares-back independents, there are no less than a half-dozen small parties or actual independent candidates running for office in Detroit. These include ‘The New Communist Party’ the ‘Golden Dawn Party’, and the environmentalist ‘Green Party’.

The only true independent political voice belongs to:

  • Cruxus (Ward Manager, The Pointe); the only non-Ares-backed independent candidate to ever win a seat on the city council. He ran a campaign on a very balanced platform similar to the Technocrat candidate, yet has resisted every advance made by that party.

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Politics and Government

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