Moving Around in Detroit

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With the imposition of the Detroit Wards, and the establishment of Knight Errant Wardsec to administer the security along the ward borders, it has become considerably more difficult for those without a SIN to move around in the city. This also includes access to the city itself; the first phase of the ward project consisted of walling the entire city, and controlling access in and out.

For the majority of the city, this means little, but for a few areas of increased security, this can present some problems. These include The Pointe, The DarkZone and Trenton.

Vehicle Checkpoints:
Passing through a vehicle checkpoint, the ID plate of the vehicle is quickly scanned, and checked for a valid registration and against any outstanding notices (involved in a crime, reported stolen, etc). Additionally, any unusual items are noted, such as bullet holes, etc. These may be tagged for further follow-up.

For those with proper legal registration and a SIN, this generally poses no difficulties.

For those operating with a fake vehicle registration, the possibility exists that the system may spot the fake, leading to the authorities being alerted immediately, with officers and/or drones being dispatched.

When passing through a vehicle checkpoint, the vehicle’s license is scanned and compared against the standard R2 security system (4 dice total).

Areas of higher security exist, and the system can be switched to higher levels of security in the event of emergency or high-profile crime.

Pedestrian Checkpoints:
The pedestrian checkpoints are similar to the vehicle checkpoints, but also include additional scanners, for weapons, explosives, etc. This includes all entrances and exits to the PeopleMover stations.

Access is controlled via the WardPass system, which allows access to the PeopleMover as well as passage through the ward checkpoints. A WardPass is free to Ares employees, and is available to other residents of the city for a small monthly fee.

For those without a legal SIN, there is a thriving market for fake WardPasses.

False WardPasses are effectively Fake Licenses (as described in the ShadowRun Core Rulebook). As with the vehicle checkpoints, the default settings for most wards are R2.

High-Security Areas
A few areas of the city are monitored with higher security than the rest. These areas include The Pointe, Trenton Ward and the DarkZone.

The Pointe is by far the most secure area, with the standard security set at R5. Vehicles are also scanned for weapons, explosives, etc.

The Trenton Ward has a slightly higher security presence than the other wards, due to the high amount of manufacturing, etc. that takes place in the ward. Years of smuggling and crime in the ward have resulted in increased ward security; standard settings are R3.

While not a ward in itself (though many are arguing that it be partitioned off like one), the new DarkZone area has been surrounded by security fences and is patrolled heavily. Those attempting to pass into or out of the area are submitted to a fairly intense security screening; default set at R4.

A subdivision of Knight Errant Security Services specific to Detroit, Wardsec is tasked specifically for running the ward and city checkpoints. Wardsec officers are often looked down on by regular Knight Errant personnel, often called ‘Wallcops’.

Despite this, Wardsec uses fully trained Knight Errnat personnel, with its own elite units, as well as a small detachment of magically-trained personnel for dealing with mystic threats. (By default, members of the mystic-trained Wardsec Group 13 are stationed at all entrances to The Pointe) As well, they have boats and helicopters for patrolling the river

Smugglers and the Wards
Ever since the establishment of the wards, smuggling within the city has increased significantly, though the majority of it remains low-level, within the city itself. Many gangs and most of the criminal organizations within the city are involved in smuggling in some form, from moving around illicit goods, to sneaking SINless residents from ward to ward. Specially converted vehicles with MAD-shielded compartments, secret tunnels and bribed officials are all part of their networks for moving people and contraband in to, out of and around the city.

The Undertown is another way to move around the city without having to pass through the ward checkpoints, but most of the paths from ward to ward are controlled by some faction or another, and will charge a fee to let people pass.

The PeopleMover
As the public transport system covers almost the entire city (The Pointe and most of Trenton excluded), it passes through the various wards. Wardsec maintains its checkpoints at the various PeopleMover stations, and checks for ward passes only as people enter or leave the stations.

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Moving Around in Detroit

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