Magical Lodges

Creating a Lodge
A necessary tool for most spellcasters. Magical Lodges require time and resources to create.

When a caster decides to create a Lodge, there are several steps to follow.

1. Select a location.
A Lodge require a relatively secure location in which to be set. A room in the caster’s home, a secret cave or other such location that fits with both the caster’s personality and their tradition. A Lodge is typically a small to medium-sized room (about 3m x 3m), but can be a larger room (up to about 10m x 10m).

2. Acquire the necessary materials.
Creating a Lodge requires Lodge Materials. These can vary considerably by tradition, but include materials that contain meaning to the magician. Whether the caster buys the materials from magical suppliers or acquires them from other magicians, the materials must correspond to their own tradition, and using materials from a different tradition is of no use.

Availability Cost
Lodge Materials Force x 2 Force x 500¥

3. Create the Lodge.
As the Lodge serves as a place of power for performing rituals, conjurations and learning spells, the Force of the Lodge is an important factor. The higher the Force the more useful it is for the caster, but the more expensive the materials.

Creating the Lodge itself is a time consuming process. When beginning the Lodge-creation process, the wizards selects the desired Force (and must have sufficient Lodge Materials for the Force rating); he then spends 1 full day per point of desired Force for the Lodge to attune the magical forces.

At the end of that time, the wizard makes an Arcana + Logic [Rating of Force Materials] check. The Force of the resulting Lodge is equal to the number of successes on the test. The rating of the Lodge materials is an absolute limit on the test and cannot be exceeded by spending Karma on the roll. In addition, the wizard cannot make a Lodge whose Force exceeds twice his Magic rating.

MagicMike has just finished his apprenticeship and has decided to establish his own Lodge. He is a reasonable wizard (Magic 4, 5 ranks in Arcana and a Logic 5) so he decides to make his Lodge Force 5.

He manages to get the required materials, and spends 5 days in his apartment, preparing it to become his Lodge. At the end of that time, he makes his Arcana (5) + Logic (5) [Materials 5] test. He decides to spend a point of Edge (of which he has 3) to add 3 dice and the Rule of 6 (spending the Edge however, does not raise the Limit of the Test).

He rolls his 13 dice, and due to a few 6s, manages to get 6 net hits. His limit is 5 however, but he has managed to create his Force 5 magical Lodge.

Cooperative Lodge Creation
Multiple wizards can work together to create a lodge to which they will all have access. If this is done, all of the participants are able to use the Lodge for their needs and are able to pass through its mana barrier un-opposed.

In this case, one of the casters is selected as the leader of the process and performs the Arcana check to create the lodge. The remaining wizards can assist this check by performing a Teamwork Test.

The limit on the force of the Lodge is still constrained by the Lodge materials used and the magic of the leader.

E.G.: (using the example above)
If MagicMike had decided instead of using his Edge to improve his chances of successfully creating his Lodge to get assistance from Sally the Sorceress (a fellow Hermetic wizard), Sally would have rolled a Teamwork Test (using her Arcana 4 and Logic 4) and added her number of successes to MagicMike’s dice pool for creating the Lodge. Sally would then be able to use the Lodge as well.

Adepts and Lodges
As they are magically awakened, adepts can be part of a Lodge. Though they do not have much use for a Lodge, being attuned to a Lodge allows the adept to pass freely through the mana barrier, even if they are carrying foci or under the effects of a spell, as well as to assist the members of the Lodge with lodge-related ceremonies, etc. including attuning new members and improving the Lodge (assuming the adept has the Arcana skill).

E.G.: (using the example above)
If MagicMike had instead decided to ask Al the Adept to assist him in creating his Lodge, Al could have used his 1 rank in Arcana and Logic 3 in a Teamwork Test to add his successes to Mike’s dice pool.

Attuning Others to a Lodge
Members of a Lodge may invite other wizards into the Lodge, and attune them to be able to use the Lodge for their magical needs, as well as letting them pass through the Lodge’s astral barrier at will.

Attuning a new member to the Lodge takes 1 full day and an Arcana + Logic [Mental] test. The threshold for the test is the number of new members that are to be attuned to the lodge.

E.G.: (using the example above)
Having gone solo in creating his Lodge, MagicMike later decides to ask Sally the Sorceress and Al the Adept to join his Lodge. The attunement process would take 1 day, and MagicMike would have to succeed an Arcana + Logic [Mental] test with a Threshold of 2 to add the two new members to his Lodge.

Removing Attuned Members
Attuned members of a Lodge can be removed from the Lodge, which ends their access to the Lodge and its resources. To remove a member from a Lodge those performing the act must be within the Lodge itself.

Removing a willing member is a simple process that requires the presence of the member (in either physical or astral form) and takes 1 hour. At the end of that time, the member no longer has access to the Lodge.

Removing and unwilling member is a more difficult process. It takes an hour as well, at the end of which the Lodgemembers attempting to remove the unwilling target roll an Arcana + Willpower [Mental] check (with possible Teamwork Tests from additional Lodge members assisting in the removal of the target adding to the dice pool). This is opposed by an Arcana + Willpower check made by the target. If the wizards attempting to remove the target have more successes, the target is cut off from the Lodge.

As an alternate to this, the member(s) of the Lodge wishing to remove the target may dissolve the Lodge and reclaim the materials and re-establish the lodge without the undesired member. While easier, this option takes much more time.

E.G.: (using the example above)
MagicMike, Sally the Sorceress and Al the Adept have decided to remove WarrenLock from their Lodge. However, WarrenLock does not wish to be cut off from the Lodge,a s he would then have to establish his own.

MagicMike rolls an Arcana 5 + Willpower 3[Mental] test, with Sally and Al making Teamwork Tests to assist. Sally and al contribute a total of 3 dice to Mike’s check, and Mike gets a total of 4 successes.

WarrenLock resists with his Arcana 3 + Willpower 6 (and uses 1 of his 2 edge) and gets a total of 5 successes. He remains a member of the Lodge for now, but the others can try again, taking another hour. Warren hopes he can get to the Lodge and stop them before they succeed.

Improving a Lodge
Improving a magical lodge is similar to the creation process for a lodge. Magical Lodge materials equal to the Force of the Lodge’s desired new Force are required, and the empowering process takes a number of days equal to the desired increase in Force.

At the end of the process, the wizard or wizards involved in the process make the Arcana + Logic test to determine the new force of the Lodge. However, the new Force of the Lodge will not be lower than the original Force of the Lodge, and the wizard(s) gain a number of bonus dice to the Arcana check equal to the force of the Lodge before the empowering process.

E.G.: (using the example above)
Having spent a while doing Shadowruns and learning much more about magic, MagicMike has decided that his Force 5 lodge is now not enough, and wants to increase it to a Force 7 Lodge.

He, Sally and Al (who are all part of the Lodge) pool their resources to buy the required Force 7 magical Lodge materials, and begin the improvement process.

The process takes 2 days (for the 2 point increase in Force) and at the end, MagicMike makes the check to see if the process was successful. Luckily, all of the participants have learned much during their Shadowruns, and improved their skills. MagicMike is now Magic 5, Arcana 7, and Logic 5, sally has improved her Arcana to 6 and Al now has Arcana 2.

Sally and Al both make their Teamwork Tests, and get 4 and 2 successes respectively. They add a total of 6 dice to Mike’s Arcana, giving Mike a grant total of 23 dice (Arcana 7 + Logic 5 + Teamwork 6 +Existing Lodge 5) with which to try and get the desired 7 successes. Unfortunately, the fates have turned against him and he only manages to get 6 successes and is out of Edge. After the 2 days, they have only managed to increase the Force of the Lodge to 6.

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