In the News - Recent Events in Detroit

Embezzlement Scandal
The trial of former ward manager of Waterford, Dale Franks, is finally over after almost 2 years, and he has been convicted of embezzling over two million nuyen of city funds. The investigation was triggered after copies of documents showing his crimes were dropped at a local news agency anonymously.

Damian Knight Jr. Survives ‘No Confidence’ Vote
Details are emerging about Ares recently holding a secret vote on removing Damian Knight Jr as their CEO. The vote failed, but was closer than expected, and Ares stock continues its slow decline.

Purple Gang Strikes Again
Another transport ship leaving the Detroit docks was boarded and many items of value were stolen by what Knight Errant spokesmen are calling another attack by the brazen Purple Gang pirates.

Kate Vales to Come to Detroit for New Movie
Elven sim star Kate Vales will be in town during October shooting another of her erotic thrillers. Shooting locations are rumored to include The Pointe as well as Trenton. In a snub against Ares, producers have hired Garrison Securities to provide security for the sim star and the film shooting locations.

Rogue Demon in Waterford
A powerful fire spirit went rogue in Waterford, attacking Knight Errant personnel and destroying several houses before being destroyed by Ares military forces. Ares is rumored to have brought in their infamous anti-magical unit Department 11.

Ares Steps into the Fashion World
Ares is poised to launch a new fashion & clothing subsidiary, Aphrodite, within the next year. The official announcement is expected soon. It is expected to produce both regular and “enhanced” (armored) clothing. This is a whole new business area for Ares.

Zombies in the Detroit ’burbs?
Residents of the Detroit burbs are reporting zombie sightings. No casualties are reported as yet, but the frequency of the sightings are increasing. The reports are unconfirmed, as no pictures or footage of the so-called ‘Zombies’ has surfaced.

Brewing Underworld Battles
Recent weeks have seen a number of of incidents between the Vory and the Koshari organizations in Detroit. The Vory are reputed to have recruited some powerful wizards, and are planning on moving in on the Koshari`s traditional turf.

Something in the Cola?
A few reports of odd occurrences have surfaces around people that imbibe significant amounts of Consumer Products International’s new AtomiCola. These vary from users having weird visions to periods of unexplained unconsciousness. CPI has so far refused to comment.

A New Ward Manager in Old Detroit’s Future?
Cyrus von Berthold, local leader of the Humanis Policlub is the current front-runner in the polls leading up to the elections for the position of Ward Manager for Old Detroit. He currently has a 2% lead over incumbent candidate Maxwell Knight.

A New Ward in Detroit’s Future?
Continuing in the political front, activists and residents of the Old Detroit area known as “The DarkZone” are calling for the area to become its own Ward within the city, citing the unusual Matrix conditions within the area, and the fact that Ares has already begun a containment wall, as proof that the area deserves its own representation on the City Council.

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In the News - Recent Events in Detroit

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