Getting Online in Detroit

Grids in Detroit

Owned & Administered by NeoNET from their facility in NeoDetroit, this is the local connection to the public world-wide matrix to which all residents (SINNERS & SINless alike) have access. It incurs the normal penalties (-2 to all matrix actions) as the public net.

Detroit OmniNET
Similar to DetroitNET, the OmniNET is a semi-private version of the public net, available to those with a subscription. For a mere 250¥/month (and a valid SIN) subscribers can have access to all the information and services of the public net, with far fewer spam adds and better service. The OmniNET provides the same access as the DetroitNET, but without the -2 penalty to all activities. A subscription to this grid is generally included in all High and Luxury lifestyles

Ares OlympusNET
The private net of Ares Macrotechnologies, it is available to all those with a Ares Corporate SIN.

The private net for NeoNET, it is available to those few in Detroit with a valid NeoNet Corporate SIN.

Trenton DroneNET
A small net established for the operation of the multitudes of drones, remote vehicles and other rigged equipment within the Trenton ward. This net has been optimized for rigger control, providing a +1 bonus to all vehicle tests performed by riggers using this net. Access to the net is available to corporations owning/operating a business or warehouse within the Trenton ward for 500¥/month.

Notable Hosts in Detroit

The Wall
An underground host run by the infamous hacker ‘Megabyte’ it serves the hackers and underworld groups of Detroit. Access to this host is available by invite only from a valid member. Those attempting to crack this host typically find themselves over-run by hackers themselves.
The Wall is home to stores of valuable data, usually illegally obtained, as well as hangouts for hackers and other matrix-active criminals.

Ares Macrotechnologies Corporate Host
The single largest and most powerful host on the DetroitNET, it is one of the main hosts operated by Ares and has access to incalculable amounts of Ares corporate data. It is however, also the most secure host, with legions of IC and corporate hackers monitoring the host’s security.
Note that this is only the publicly-accessible portion of Ares, used for day-to day operations. The sensitive data is usually held on servers that are not connected to the matrix.

NeoNET Corporate Host
The local corporate host for NeoNET is the next largest and most powerful host on the Detroit net after the Ares host, and rivals the other megacorp’s host for its security. Rumor has it that a tame AI is in charge of the NeoNET host.
Note that this is only the publically-accessible portion of Ares, used for day-to day operations. The sensitive data is usually held on servers that are not connected to the matrix.

Detroit MetroGov
The Host for the City of Detroit government, this has proven to be a major target for hackers and Shadowrunners (who many claim are sent by Ares to cause trouble for the city’s administration).

Atlantis Online
The Host for the local branch of the Atlantean Foundation, it is reputed to be a treasure trove of information on magical research, records on magical artifacts and a who’s who of magical figures in Detroit and the local area. This host is for employees of the Atlantean Foundation, and not for those that are simple ‘members’.

The Detroit Library Archives
A host available to the public, the Archives offers access to unimaginable amounts of historic data, including art, history, news archives, etc. for a ‘reasonable price’. A monthly subscription (with unlimited access) is only 100¥, or 5¥/hour for casual access.

WayneState Online
A fairly substantial host serving the Wayne State University, it serves the students enrolled in the university, whether it be online programs or on-campus. The host is known for its fairly low level of security and its availability of tutorsofts and knowsofts in almost any subject.

Detroit GridGuide
This host tracks and controls the GridGuide in Detroit, which feeds information to all of the vehicles using their onboard autodrive functionality. While this host is public, IC patrols the host constantly to detect and eject non-vehicle icons.

Getting Online in Detroit

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