Detroit is located on the eastern border of the state of Michigan along the Detroit River, north of Lake Erie. The Greater Detroit Metropolitan Complex stretches north to Sterling Heights, northwest to Waterford, west to Plymouth, east to the former Canadian city of Windsor (across the river) and “downriver” to Trenton.

The Wards:
The city is broken down into nine wards, based roughly on the old city wards, though many have been combined. Each ward is managed by a Ward Manager, who report to the Mayor. This is the official UCAS governmental structure. However, Ares exerts significant unofficial influence throughout the city, and virtually runs several of the wards.

With the recent Detroit Incident, the city is considering the formation of a new Ward, to encompass the area that has become known as the DarkZone.


1. Old Detroit (Ares):
1B. The DarkZone (Contested):
2. Windsor (UCAS):
3. The Pointe (Balanced):
4. Sterling Heights (UCAS):
5. Pontiac (UCAS):
6. Waterford (UCAS):
7. Plymouth (Ares):
8. Dearborn (Balanced):
9. Trenton (Ares):
10. The Slums

The River
The Detroit River, which connects Lake Erie in the south to Lake St Clair in the north, is a 45km stretch of water that has seen better days. A significant amount of pollution has ruined the river for any form of recreation, though the fact that Trenton is downriver of the main city has lessened the pollution significantly.

A pair of bridges crosses the river; one between Old Detroit and Windsor, the other between Dearborn and Windsor. A third bridge, connecting Old Detroit to Windsor, has recently begun construction. Both bridges, and the planned third, have lanes for cars as well as PeopleMover rails.

In addition to the bridges, there are a pair of tunnels under the river, both from Old Detroit, and rumours of a third, private, tunnel from Knight Plaza to Windsor abound. Both of the tunnels have PeopleMover trains in addition to traffic lanes. A pedestrian ferry service also connects Trenton’s Grosse Isle to Windsor.

Lake St Clair
In an unprecedented move, Ares has claimed all of the lake as corporate property, and charges stiff fines for anyone caught on the lake without a pass. There are many areas devoted to aquaculture and kelp farming in the lake, as well as areas for the Ares high-ups to enjoy themselves. There are also reputed to be several underwater research facilities where Ares is supposed to do its most secret research.

Places of Interest

General L. Fairbanks Air Station Detroit
Located about 20 miles north of the city, this large UCAS air base is one of the largest military bases in the Great Lakes region, and a major testing area for new Ares weapons and vehicles for the UCAS. Over 15,000 members of the UCAS military and their families live on the base.

The Wall
A recently completed eight-meter-tall wall surrounds the entire metroplex. Smaller, walls and fences have also been built up around the various wards within the city. Access to the various wards is controlled by checkpoints.

The People Mover
An extensive network of elevated maglev trains, this system is the main source of public transportation in the city, and is free to Ares-registered citizens of the city with a simple swipe of their corporate SIN. Others can ride for a small fee.

The majority of the city has been re-built within the last 100 years, and much of it lies above the ruins of the old city. Abandoned train tunnels, sewers and other underground construction is still present, in one form or another. Much of this territory is claimed however, by gangs and other organizations or by paracritters.

Great Lakes
The Great Lakes themselves offer a myriad of recreational possibilities – fishing, boating, and swimming. Detroit itself has its own ‘boat city’ similar to Hong Kong.

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