Detroit in 2099

The home of the Big-10 Megacorp Ares Macrotechnology, Detroit or the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Complex, is located in the state of Michigan, in the UCAS. Site of the global headquarters for Ares Macrotechnology, parent company of Knight Errant Security Services, Detroit was once one of the most prosperous and safest cities in the UCAS. It was held up as a model of balanced civic and corporate governance, with a mere three percent unemployment rate according to the 2060 census.

However, in the last two decades the city has started to slip. Power struggles between the UCAS government and Ares corporate management in the city has caused many aspects of city life to decline. While the Ares-dominated wards of the city have remained fairly prosperous and safe, the UCAS-run wards have seen an increase in poverty and crime. Now, borders have been thrown up between the wards, with checkpoints and guards controlling passage.

The city council has become a constant battleground between the UCAS and Ares, with the ward managers openly hostile towards their opponents. The days of productive cooperation are long past.

Physically, the city is built fairly low to the ground compared to other metropolises around the world. This is due to the fact that Ares, wanting to dominate the skyline of the city, managed to pass a city law preventing the construction of any buildings over 10 storeys tall within the Old Detroit ward. This means that for miles around, the structure of Knight Plaza can be seen from almost anywhere.

Only outside the boundaries of Old Detroit do buildings rise more than 10 storeys, and even then they are relatively few, and rarely surpass 20-storeys. Most wards are fairly densely packed 8-12 storey buildings, with only the occasional tower.

In addition, the entire city, and the wards within are walled. An 8-meter wall surrounds the entirety of the city, and lower walls and fences (with clearance on either side) separate the wards within. Patrols, both human and drone, as well as significant surveillance cover the walls.

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Detroit in 2099

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