Deckers ReWired

In the world on the brink of the 22nd century, being a Decker is a calling similar to being a wizard or technomancer.

On the Priority table, being a Decker falls in to the same category as magic or resonance.

Priority Decker Rating
A Rank 6 Cyberdeck, Rank 5 Technical Skill Group
B Rank 5 Cyberdeck, Rank 4 Technical Skill Group
C Rank 3 Cyberdeck, Rank 2 Technical Skill Group
D Rank 1 Cyberdeck
E None

The rating of the Cyberdeck determines the base ratings for the deck’s Attribute Array. Each of the 4 attributes (Attack, Sleaze, Data Processing & Firewall) are set at the rating of the cyberdeck.

The free ranks in Technical Skill groups must be selected from either the Cracking or Electronics skill groups.

As with Magic or Resonance, a character may use any Special Attribute points to increase their initial Cyberdeck Rating. In addition, they may purchase the Exceptional Attribute quality to increase the maximum Cyberdeck rating to 7.

Customizing Cyberdecks:
Deckers have learned to adapt their Cyberdecks to their personalities and current needs. With a few minutes work, a Decker can re-arrange the attributes of his cyberdeck.

By lowering certain attributes of his cyberdeck, the Decker can raise others; for each point the Decker lowers one attribute rating, he can raise another. However, the maximum a rating can be raised or lowered is 2 points.

CyberStu knows he will likely be engaging in some cybercombat, so decides to reconfigure his cyberdeck for combat. Taking a few minute of work, he re-arranges his cyberdeck from its default settings. He has a R5 Cyberdeck, so all of his attributes are set at 5. He wants to maximize his Firewall (raise its rating to 7) to better resist damage (requiring 2 points), so he decides to lower his Sleaze by 1 and his Data Processing by 1 to free up the 2 points.

As a free action a Decker can switch a program his deck is running with another from memory.

Improving Cyberdecks:
A Decker’s cyberdeck is a custom-built tool that is specific to each Decker, and is of little use to another Decker. As such, it is a deeply personal experience for a Decker to improve his cyberdeck.

Improving the Cyberdeck Rating is done in the same manner as improving an Attribute such as Logic or Magic.

Replacing a Lost Cyberdeck:
Despiter their best efforts, Deckers sometimes need to replace their cyberdecks. This process is similar to upgrading their cyberdeck, but does not require the investment of karma. To replace a R5 cyberdeck would cost the Decker 5,000¥ and 5 days of work.

This same process can be used by a Decker to build a back-up deck ahead of time.

If a Decker manages to get their hands on a fully functioning Cyberdeck from another Decker, they can adapt it to their own use. A day’s worth of work customizing the deck will allow the Decker to make use of the newly acquired deck. The Deck will be of a Rating equal to its former owner’s Rating or the new owner’s Rating, whichever is less.

CyberStu manages to get his hands on a new Cyberdeck from a hacker his Shadowrun team killed. The newly acquired deck is better (Rating 6) than his own deck, but Stu decides that he needs a backup now, so he spends a day customizing the deck’s OS and other parameters to his own style and preferences. At the end of the day, Stu has a new R5 backup Cyberdeck.

If Stu had decided to wait until he had advanced his own Deck’s Rating to 6, he could have made more use of the captured Deck, and adapted it to be a R6 backup.

If the captured Deck had only been R4, Stu would have only been able to adapt it as a R4 backup.

Programs and Cyberdecks:
A Cyberdeck can run a number of programs equal to its rating/2.

Cyberdecks and Matrix Condition Monitor:
A cyberdeck’s Matrix Condition Monitor is equal to 8 + ½ its Data Processing rating.

Becoming a Decker after Character Creation
It is possible to learn to hack after character creation. A wanna-be Decker is considered as a Decker with a R0 deck, and uses the rules for improving their deck to R1.

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Deckers ReWired

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