Creating a Shadowrunner

General Guidelines:

  • Based in Detroit, the seat of power for Ares Macrotechnology, and a major population center for the UCAS.
  • Street level campaign with heavy gangland theme/feel.
  • Characters are to be created using the guidelines in the Shadowrun 5th Edition Core Rulebook & Official Errata. as well as Run & Gun.
  • Characters are to be made for Street Level play.

Making Characters
When making a character, please provide a bit of a back story; a few paragraphs will do. Some idea of the character’s history & motivations.

  • Also, please provide a few character goals, short and long term; anything from a specific piece of gear to finding a long-lost sibling. This is so I have some character-specific things to weave into the campaign.

Gang Involvement
The PCs are part of a small biker gang, The Ronin, with about a dozen members total. The gang is in fact a front for Yakuza operations; due to their recent problems with Knight Errant, the Detroit Yakuza are playing a more subtle game in rebuilding their forces. Being part of a known gang, the PCs gain some small benefits:

  • The PCs gain a free contact: The Ronin (gang) ; Connection 3/Loyalty 2
  • While wearing their colours, they gain a +1 rep bonus to social limits with other gangs & the Yakuza
  • The Yakuza have provided some behind-the scenes support: 50% discount on purchase of motorcycles.
  • The gang has a small base of operations, Marubeni Motorcycle Repair, where the PCs are able to meet, rest, store gear, etc in relative safety.

Being in The Ronin also has some requirements:

  • Each PCs must purchase at least 1 Yakuza-related contact with Loyalty 2 or above.

In addition, the PCs have had some experience in the world of gangs, and are a little ahead of the rest of the gang. Each character may select one of the following perks:

  • A single item with Availability Rating up to 14
  • A single item with Rating up to 6
  • A single contact with total Connection + Loyalty up to 9
  • An extra 3 points to spend on Knowledge Skills

Finally, the PCs have a little experience under their belts; once character creation is complete, each character gains 5 Karma (up to 1 point can be turned in for additional cash, per the existing guidelines).

A number of contacts have been pre-made. They have minimal details, but set Connection Ratings. As per the contact rules in the main rule book, a maximum of 7 karma may be spent on each contact at character creation, meaning that the maximum connection rating of a starting contact is 6.

  • For each point of loyalty a character selects for a contact they may choose a single trait (apart from name, race, connection rating, type [rigger, fixer, etc]) for that contact, subject to GM approval
    If multiple characters take the same contact, both players can select additional traits, as long as they are not mutually exclusive, and as long as they do not try and turn he one contact into an uber-contact. I would suggest players discuss what traits they want on the person if they have selected the same contact. I would also point out that there are generally a couple options for each general type of contact (street doc, fixer, etc), so characters should be able to have different contacts of the same general type. Also, remember you only need to select 1 of the pre-mades; feel free to create your own and submit them to me.
  • Improving Contacts: as a general guide, to improve a contact’s loyalty rating, runner’s will need to invest around 5000¥ x [Contact’s Loyalty + Connection]. The richer/more powerful they are, or the amount they already like you, the more you need to work at it. This does not have to be all at once, and will be modified heavily by roleplaying.

The wards of Detroit have certain minimums and maximums of lifestyles that can be selected to live in that ward. (Denoted by Min/Max)

  • Old Detroit: Street/High
  • Windsor: Squatter/High
  • The Pointe: High/Luxury (also, must have a [non-criminal] SINner quality)
  • Sterling Heights: Street/Middle
  • Pontiac: Street/Middle
  • Waterford: Squatter/Middle
  • Plymouth: Squatter/Middle
  • Dearborn: Street/Middle
  • Trenton: Street/Low (also, need Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins quality)

Being the center of Ares power, there is little in the way of non-Ares weapons and other products available. Most gear will be Ares-manufactured similar products, but products made by Ares will be slightly easier to obtain.

  • Gear with any of the following company names in its name have their availability reduced by 1: Ares, Apple, General Motors (GMC, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac), General Dynamics,

Replacement Characters
Replacement characters are made with the normal character creation guidelines, with the only caveat being that they must have at least 1 Yakuza-related or Ronin-related contact.

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Creating a Shadowrunner

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