Blasts Redefines

AOE Magic
Treat in the same manner as single-target spells, but affect all targets within the specified radius. The spellcaster rolls a single attack roll, and each of the defenders rolls their individual defense test. The defense tests suffer a -2 dice pool penalty for dodging blasts (SR5 p190).

AOE spells are not affected by confined spaces or simultaneous blasts; each spell is resolved individually.

Firebug casts a Fireball spell at a group of 4 gangers that have his friend The Redmond Kid pinned down with gunfire. He decides to cast the spell at Force 5 in order to get all the gangers within its area, and rolls his Spellcasting (5) + Magic (5) [Force 5] for a total of 10 dice, and gets 4 hits. Each of the gangers must then defend against the spell individually (remembering to take -2 to their defense pools due to the blast).

Grenades, Missiles and other Explosives
Choose the desired target and roll either Throwing + Agility [Physical] or Heavy Weapon + Agility [Accuracy] (modified by situational modifiers) with a Threshold of 3. If the Threshold is not met, the grenade/missile will scatter, as defined by its type, with reduction in distance scattered based on the number of his rolled.

If the Threshold is met, the grenade/missile lands on target and inflicts its normal damage, with the normal damage reduction for distance from the center as normal.

If the Threshold is exceeded, the extra hits are added to the base damage, with the normal damage reduction for distance from the center as normal (based on the increased damage).

Once the damage is determined, the defending characters make Blast Defense tests, rolling their Reaction + Edge (+ situational modifiers (including the -2 dice pool penalty for dodging blasts (SR5 p190)); similar to resisting Suppressive Fire). Sufficient hits on the defense test can generate a ‘Miss’, resulting in no damage to that defender..

Damage is resisted as normal.

The Redmond Kid needs to deal with a group of gangers in a hurry and decides to toss a high explosive grenade into the middle of the group. He makes an attack roll using his Throwing (6 +2 for aerodynamic specialization) + Agility (5) [Physical 6] for a total of 13 dice, and gets his full 6 possible hits. Taking off the first 3 hits to get his grenade ‘on target’ his remaining 3 hits increase the damage of the grenade to 19P at its epicenter.

The gangers are all 2 m away from the epicenter, dropping the damage to 15P (-2/m x 2 m), and they all manage to only get 2 hits on their defense tests (Reaction + Edge -2 for the blast), reducing the damage by another 2 to 13P, which they then need to resist normally.

Blasts in a Confined Space
Blasts that rebound within a confined space have an increased effect, based on the size of the space and the explosion.

  • If more than half of the blast would be reflected by a solid surface, the DV is increased by 50% of the original value.
  • If less than half the blast would be reflected by a solid surface, the DV is increased by 25% of the original value.

These are one-time increases, regardless of the number of surfaces that may rebound the blast. At the GMs discretion, multiple rebounding surfaces may cause more than 50% of the blast to rebound.

The Redmond Kid is being chased by a pair of gangers down a long alleyway, and decides to take advantage of the confined space to use a fragmentation grenade (he loves grenades!).

He tosses the grenade behind him as he runs, and the explosion rebounds from both sides of the alleyway. The GM judges that over half of the explosion is reflected from the 2 sides of the alleyway, so the base damage of the grenade will be increased by 50% to 27P(f).

Assuming that he can get the grenade to land anywhere near the gangers, they are likely very dead.

Multiple Simultaneous Blasts
Each additional blast that contributes to the overall explosion adds +2 to the overall DV, and improves the AP by 1. If the blasts have differing damage and/or AP values, begin with the highest DV and best AP values, and add improvements from there. Decreasing damage based on distance is also based on the best characteristic.

The Redmond Kid is fleeing a pack of hellhounds, and decides that it is worth risking his last 2 grenades to try and slow them down. He quickly tapes his last fragmentation grenade to his last high explosive grenade and tosses the package at the hellhounds.

When the grenades go off, the effects are based off the best values of the grenades used.

  • The base DV is 18P(f) from the fragmentation grenade. This increases by +2 for the second grenade to 20P(f).
  • The base AP is -2 from the high explosive grenade. This improves by -1 for the second grenade to -3.
  • The damage decreases at -1/m from the fragmentation grenade.

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Blasts Redefines

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