Femaule human, age 18


Born to Sonja Sorensson, a dancer at a upscale gentleman’s club in Old Detroit and Fuchin Yuikuchi, a Yakuza specialist who frequented the place, there has always been something a little … off about Sakura.
A quiet, obstinately focused young woman, Sakura has poor impulse control and always simmers with a rage and violence she has little ability to restrain. Very trying for her mother, who often had to switch babysitters and schools for her daughter.
Sakura’s mother tried to channel her daughter’s aggression by enrolling her in gymnastics and dancing classes, which only helped to a limited degree. What helped more was when Brother Chu took notice of Sakura’s twisted and dark aura and her magical potential when she was twelve and offered to help train her and master herself.
Brother Chu’s teachings helped her a great deal, and though she saw him as a surrogate father-figure, Sakura couldn’t bring herself to follow his pacifistic devotion. Despite her best intentions, she had…incidents. Like when she seriously injured a male classmate when she was thirteen who was just teasing her because he liked her and she ended up spending a year in juvenile detention. Or when she sent one of her mother’s boyfriends to the hospital with a fork when he tried to molest her when she was fifteen.
Sakura came to her true father’s attention when she was meeting her mother at work one day when she was sixteen. Fuchin hadn’t had anything to do with Sakura and Sonja hadn’t asked him to–they had only had a few weeks of fun and broke it off after Sonja became pregnant.
A man hopped on kamikaze drew a gun and began threatening the dancers, including Sakura’s mother, who was coming off shift, and Sakura herself. Before the bouncers or anyone else could react, Sakura had grabbed a streak knife and killed the man. It was clearly a ruling of self defense. But to Fuchin, it was clearly a sign of something more–this daughter of his that he had never thought of before was amazingly fast. And after some gentle subtle questioning of her mother, Sakura was someone the Yakuza would be interested in.
Bringing a deadly adept to the fold could raise Fuchin’s standing. So, now Sakura and Fuchin are tentatively getting to know each other while Sakura is thrilled to find an outlet for her aggression Brother Chu simply can’t provide for her.



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