Lucy Five

Connection Rating 3; Plymouth


An elven people smuggler of some renown, she specializes in getting those without a SIN and those wanted by law enforcement through the various wards. She works with many gangs throughout the city, and is always careful to keep her clients separated. Because of this, and teh fact that she is a SINner (and her father being in a highly-scrutinized position), she is paranoid about putting things to full use and risking exposure of either her or her father.


Lucy is sexually attracted to Satoshi: she finds his unusual appearance stimulating and the two have “dated” occasionally. They aren’t in love but sure know how to have fun.

Unknown to most people, Lucy’s father is a senior UCAS official in Detroit that is on the oversight committee for ward security and separation. Despite their apparent public estrangement, Lucy and her dad are actually quite close and he feeds her a great deal of information that facilitates her business/

Lucy caries a pistol but it is really for show: being unarmed invites aggression in many situations. The truth is she is a complete incompetent with guns. Thankfully her silver tongue keeps her out of trouble but when trouble arises she is good at making a hasty exit (is this running/sprinting or maybe something more? Cyberlegs perhaps?).

Lucy is a whore for the latest fashions and spends a huge amount of her profits on clothing and constantly changing her appearance (even her skin and eye colour). This obsession bleeds over into her work were she uses it to help disguise those she is smuggling.

Lucy Five

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