Kiro Hachiyama, Yakuza Oyabun

Connection Rating 6; Old Detroit


The head of the Yakuza in Detroit, this ork rose through the ranks of the organization as enforcer and muscle for years before those around him recognized the formidable intellect behind his unusually brutish appearance. With the current difficulties being suffered by the Yakuza, he has begun to make significant use of shadowrunners to look after many of his organization’s interests.

A former enforcer for the Yakuza in Detroit, Kiro worked his way up the ranks the hard way, doing the dirty jobs and enforcing the will of the old Oyabun.

When Knight Errant captured the majority of the old officers of the Yakuza, Kiro took the opportunity to seize power and now struggles to rebuild the organization while dealing with threats from outside.
He is a lot more accepting of non-traditional tools and methods, which causes friction between himself and other more-traditional Oyabuns.


Kiro Hachiyama, Yakuza Oyabun

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