Hiraku Muramoto

Human male Shadowrunner, age 26


Hiraku has always been too curious for his own good. At the age of 7 Hiraku ran away from home to satisfy his curiosity about the world. He was returned to his family a few weeks later only to run away again at ages 8, 10 and 11. At age 13 it finally stuck and Hiraku has been on his own ever since; always seeking answers to questions no one wants asked.

Hiraku has “eccentric” interests: medicine, automotive repairs, electronics, sword fighting, arcana, and more. He is always looking to know more but soon is off to the next interesting topic. In addition, Hiraku likes to think of himself as something of a modern samurai, or now ninja, but has little knowledge about Japanese tradition so he often gets things a little “off” in his portrayal of a samurai.


3 3 3 3 6 5(9) 4(5) 1 2 6 7(11) 0
6 5(9) 4(5) 1 6 5(9) 4(5) 1 2 6 7(11) 0

Height: 5’, 8”
Weight: 164 lbs.
Hair: Black, shaved pate with top knot and a small beard

Init 7(8) + 1d6/Astral 8(10) + 3d6
Karma 6
Memory 11d6(15d6)
Judge Intentions 5d6
Composure 7d6

Physical: 4
Mental/Astral: 7(10 spell)
Social: 5
Condition Track P/S: 10/11
Damage Avoidance: 7
Armour/Helmet: 12/14
Damage Resist: 15/17

Active Skills
Athletics Group 2(5)
Spellcasting 5/Healing +2(16/18 Healing & Detection)
Assensing 3/Aura Reading +2(7/9, 8/10 Psyche)
Counterspelling 5(-/16)
Banishing 5(16)
Arcana 2(9, 13 spell)
Pilot Ground Craft 1/Bike +2(4/6)
Perception 4(8, 9 Psyche)
Blades 5/Swords +2(8/10)
Unarmed Combat 1/Touch +2(4/6)
Negotiation 1(2)
Sneaking 3/Urban +2(6/8)
Medicine 1(6, 10 spell)
Electronic Warfare 1(6, 10 spell)
Automotive Mechanics 1(6, 10 spell)

Knowledge/Language Skills
Japanese (N)
English 3(7)
Underworld 3/Yakuza +2(7/9, 8/10 Psyche)
Gangs 3(7, 8 Psyche)
Local Detroit 1/Old Detroit +2 (5/7, 6/8 Psyche)
Street Rumours 6(10, 11 Psyche)
Parazoology 3(8, 12 spell)

Distinctive Style
Moderate Addiction: Psyche
Exceptional Attribute: Magic

Mentor Spirit: Snake (Yamata no Orochi, the 8 headed snake)

  • +2 detection spells
  • +2 Arcana
  • Cha(1) + Will(6) test3 to avoid
  • Pursuing secrets or knowledge that few others know about when you receive hints about its existence.

The Ronin (C3/L2)
Tom Aki, Yakuza Drug Dealer (C1/L2)
Willis Marks, Neophyte Otaky (C1/L1)
Hugh Washita, Food Scientist (C3/L1)
Ken Tailor, Hacker/Rigger (C 1/L2)
Marie Kulchinski, Engineer (C1/L1) Izanami, Shinobi Recruiter (C2/L1)

Armour Jacket, AR12
Non-conductivity, R6
Fire Resistance, R3
Insulation, R3
Helmet, +2AR
Respirator, R6
Armour Vest, AR9
Bike Racing Armour, AR8
Gang colours
Helmet, +2AR

Sword x2
Shock Gloves x2

Magical Gear
Magical Lodge x2 (one at garage), R6
Sustaining Foci, Healing (R5)
Power Focus (R4)

Comm Gear
Metalink Commlink, R1
Erika Elite Commlink, R4
Area Jammer, R6

Suit and Tie (250)
Contacts, R3
Image link
Low light
Flare compensation
Earbuds, R1
Sound Damper
Suzuki Mirage
Spoof chip & morphing plate
Psyche: 10 doses
• Ingest, 10 min12-body hours (min 1)
• Psychological (Log+Will)2
• +1 Int, +1 Log, +1 mental limit
• -1/sustained spell (instead of -2)
Medkit, R6
Uses 5

Drain: 11d6(15d6 spell)

  • Mindprobe (detection)
  • Combat Sense (detection)
  • Mindnet – extended (detection)
  • Clairvoyance (detection)
  • Clairaudience (detection)
  • Increased Reflexes (healing)
  • Heal (healing)
  • Decrease Attribute: Will (healing)
  • Increase Attribute: Logic (healing)
  • Improved Invisibility
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Manabolt


Licenses and SINs
Fake SIN, R4: “Tadao Ito”

Fake SIN, R4: “Hiroshi Kinmura”
Fake Licenses (R4): Magic, Foci, Swords, Shock Gloves, Bike, Bodyguard

Fake SIN: “Kazuo Aki”, R2
Fake License (R2): Sword, Magic, Shock Gloves
Fake License (R4): Bike, Foci

Life Style: 11 (2850/month) x2 months

Comforts: 1
Necessities: 3
-1 healing tests
Fatigue (exposure) dmg -6DV (0)
Security: 3 (Host 5)
Neighbourhood: 2
Entertainment: 1

Ward Benefit: + 1 success for determining delivery times of purchased goods
Positive Options:
Grid Subscription (+ 1)
Work Place: Garage, Car (+ 1)
Secure Network (+1)
Shinobi membership 250/month
Betty Karnes 200/month unarmed
combat training (suspended)
Negative Options:
Gang territory: Ronin (-1)
Cramped (-1)
-2 limit physical skills

Hiraku Muramoto

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