Earl Thompson

male troll


Earl is a large troll with a reddish skin. He is often seen wearing an armored duster over jeans and a t-shirt.

Earl grew up in the slums of Detroit getting by where he could. Orphaned at a young age he moved around from gang to gang usually performing menial tasks or or jobs that required a lot of strength. One of the jobs he was actually trained to perform was disposal of bodies and other evidence in order to cover up his employers more lethal business transactions. Lately he has been working in this capacity for the yakuza but he has worked for others in the past.

Earl’s one true passion has emerged from the world of underground brawling. He loves the excitement of the violence and the cheering of the spectators . To this point he has only participated in what would be considered amateur levels but he has been training with a couple close combat specialists in his spare time and hopes to one day become a contender.


Earl Thompson

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