Cyrus Naceri

Connection Rating 3; Pontiac


Cyrus Naceri is an occult investigator specializing in detection magic, assensing and counterspelling. Cyrus is proud of Iranian heritage and enjoys playing the role of old world mystic. The truth is that despite his appearance and mannerisms, Cyrus is very plugged in to the modern world and keeps a finger on the pulse of the city.

He is part of the Atlantean Foundation, and is considered one of their foremost experts on magical theory

  • Cryus is strong in divination magic in no small part to the devastatingly powerful foci he possesses. Few know he possess it and fewer still know how he got it but the Phylactery of Karroush (first King of Iran) is possibly the most powerful divination foci in the world (a secret he guards very carefully).
  • Cyrus has a cat. Cyrus loves his cat and lavishes attention on it. Rumours abound about the cat’s magical traits and Cyrus’ mystic connection to it but in really it’s just his cat: Amjad (meaning most excellent or glorious).

Cyrus Naceri

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