Brother Chu

Connection Rating 2; Old Detroit


One of the senior monks at the Temple of Heavenly Insight, he is a pacifist, but is willing to occasionally train people in the martial arts for money, which he contributes to the temple, though it is against eh principles of the temple.


Brother Chu noticed Sakura’s twisted aura and innate magical potential when she was twelve and took it upon himself to help her. He taught her most of her martial and assensing skills as a means to teach her focus and help her understand some of her issues. Sakura loves Brother Chu as a surrogate father figure, and is beginning to feel a little bit more for him…

-Brother Chu is very adept at sensing chi (mana) flows and dragon lines (ley lines), and interpreting the astral signatures and emotional emanations those flows portend.

- Just as he can sense and interpret mana flows, he can also manipulate them. Most of his magic is based around healing, easing various ailments, and fortifying one’s natural attributes.

-He can also align mana flows into items and patterns, and thus able to create foci, though he doesn’t publicize this. He doesn’t create them often as he believes binding too much mana/chi into static forms can cause an imbalance. He did make and gift Sakura her weapon focus katana.

-Not only does Brother Chu have a keen interest and appreciation for art, he practices it too, focusing on calligraphy, consumable paper talismans/prayers, painting, and tattoos. Most of the foci he fashions take these forms.

-Brother Chu also has an interest in awakened flora and fauna. He tries to collect cuttings of various awakened or mana-active plants for the Pagoda of Heavenly Insight’s small garden and pictures or video of awakened beasts and metasapients in their natural habitat. He advocates against their abuse in the corporate sector and private collections.

Brother Chu

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