Akane “Opal” Mori

Connection Rating 2; Windsor


Opal is an unusual woman: she has replaced all her limbs with obvious cybernetic replacements and even her skin is obviously artificial and yet she somehow manages to be alluring. Opal could live a much more luxurious life than she does but all her money goes to her cyber-enhancement obsession. Opal works as a senior programmer at NeoNet Detroit and therefore has unprecedented Matrix access.

  • Opal’s knowledge of the Matrix backbone/infrastructure is by far her highest skill and she is one of the most skilled programmers in the county. It is only her odd cyber-addiction that has kept her from a meteoric rise in the NeoNet ranks.
  • Opal thinks that Satoshi’s preferred martial arts style, Taiwanese Hung Ga (the Iron Flute style), is very beautiful and she has been learning it from him for a couple of years (unarmed combat?). She is now considering “upgrading” her limbs to be more agile and strong to enhance her martial arts.
  • Opal is a NeoNet Corparate SINner born and bred but her loyalty to NeoNet is minimal. She was born into the corporation and she has found a place there thanks to her innate computer skills but she views the corp as little more than a means to an end: affording more “upgrades”.
  • Hacked Ken Bashwell’s comlink, discovering the connection to The Monkey
  • Scrubbed the comlinks recovered from the competing runners from the gas station for use by the runners.

Akane “Opal” Mori

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